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Some time ago our family was in Los Angeles, California, on deputation. While there, Leah, who was then 9, tripped over a suitcase and fell, breaking the upper portion of her arm. At the emergency room, we learned she had a large growth on that bone.

We were at peace with the financial aspect of all this is because we knew that the Church of the Nazarene provides us with one of the best medical plans available. There was no doubt that we were taken care of. From the moment Leah entered the ER the first night of the break until 14 days later, following X-rays, MRIs, bone scans, and a biopsy, we were in God's hands. Thankfully, the tests revealed the growth was a benign cyst.

Thanks to all who are so faithful in giving and support of the Medical Plan through Distinguished Service Awards and Memorial Rolls. Without this, payment for circumstances like ours would have been impossible for us to bear alone.

 — David and Glynda Wesley, South America

I was wheeled into the operating room of a Manila hospital for what was expected to be a simple orthoscopic procedure on my right knee.

X-rays had revealed a small bone chip "floating" in the knee joint. During the procedure, however, the doctor discovered some badly torn ligaments. Five hours later, I awoke with a full leg cast and mounting medical bills, facing four months of physical therapy.

It would have been very difficult to pay the expenses if we had not had the excellent health care coverage of our church. How thankful we were for this Medical Plan available to us through the efforts of the NMI. Thanks for being there when I "kneeded" you!

  — David Hane, missionary, Asia-Pacific

Missionaries often live in areas where health risks are higher than in their homeland. Getting adequate health care in a global setting can also be a challenge. Even when proper care is available, the cost may be exorbitant. And in some world areas, missionaries incur high travel costs in getting to where they receive needed medical attention.

The Medical Plan helps provide for active and retired Nazarene missionaries and their families when medical needs and emergencies arise.

Nazarene Missionary Medical Plan pays for:

Medical Plan Funds are provided through Memorial Roll, Distinguished Service Awards, Medical Plan freewill plate offerings and the relatively new "Gifts from the Heart" promotion.

Memorial Roll

Distinguished Service Award - DSA

Medical Plan plate offerings

Through freewill offerings (often taken in May), the entire congregation can lend a hand for the medical needs of our missionaries.

All money given to the Medical Plan is used directly for Nazarene missionaries' health care and may count as 10 percent credit for your church. None of the money is used for administrative costs. Unfortunately, not enough money is currently being raised by Missionary Medical Plan giving to pay for all of the health care costs of Nazarene missionaries. So, World Evangelism Fund monies are used to pick up that slack.

Note: For assistance in memorializing a loved one or recognizing a worthy person for distinguished service, contact your local or district NMI president.

While Irene and I were teaching English in a Creative Access country, the crown on one of Irene's teeth came loose. It was not able to be redone in the country where we were ministering. Then, during the spring break, our director recommended a very competent dentist in Hong Kong, and Irene was able to have a new crown put on. Given our salary level, we would never be able to afford good dental service. We are extremely appreciative of the help from Medical Plan. Thank you very, very much.

  — Steve Rieder, CARE Ministries

On March 9, just 24 hours after surgery, Daryll was discharged from the hospital and began a successful recovery. Unfortunately, that same week, Rachel began feeling ill. At first, the doctor thought it was a mild kidney infection or even tonsillitis. By the end of the week and after two more trips to the doctor, it was determined that Rachel had typhus, which required a different course of antibiotics.

We send our thanks to all those who have contributed to the Medical Plan, making it possible for us to keep our focus on our Lord's work, rather than having to shift our attention to searching for additional funds to cover the unexpected expenses.

  — Daryll and Verna Stanton, Kenya

A thank-you from me

Text of a letter I wrote to what is now the Oklahoma District of the Church of the Nazarene to be read at the ceremony in which they presented my mother and father with a Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Awards are one of the three ways in which we Nazarenes provide funding for our Missionary Medical Plan. When someone is honored with a Distinguished Service Award it means that $100 in their name has been put into Missionary Medical Plan.

That fund cared for me when I got hepatitis in Haiti. It paid for the birth of our daughter in Italy. Missionary Medical Plan provided malaria prevention medications for us during our term of service in Haiti.

Our salary as missionaries didn't provide enough of a cushion for us to pay all of our own medical costs, but with Missionary Medical Plan picking up most of those expenses we weren't forced to drop out of missionary service because of doctor and hospital bills.

I'm doubly pleased that you've chosen to honor my parents, Nolan and Velma Culbertson, with a Distinguished Service Award.

Because I'm a promoter/mobilizer for world evangelism, I'm pleased that you are honoring them with an award that means additional funding for Missionary Medical Plan.

Secondly, this award has special meaning to me because my parents have always been vital partners in my missionary ministry.

My parents' interest in missions didn't suddenly begin when I felt a call to missions. My mother has always been an incessant promoter of missionary reading books. For as long as I can remember, it was expected around our house that all of us would read all of those books every year.

Wherever they've been, my parents have always been actively involved in the world evangelism task of the church. Though they've held some NMI leadership roles, much of their contribution to world evangelism has been work behind the scenes.

For example, through the years, to mission fields around the globe, they've supplied missionaries with ministry materials ranging from eyeglasses to used greeting cards, and from automotive repair parts to musical instruments.

Thus, their impact on world evangelism has reached into all kinds of places around the globe. To you, mom and dad, thanks on behalf of all of the Nazarene missionaries for whom you have been supporting partners.

    -- Howard Culbertson

"World evangelism is just not about people going elsewhere in the world to take the Word of God to the unreached. It is also the senders supporting those in the field. While the missionaries may be in the spotlight, it is the senders behind them that make it all possible." -- George F., Nazarene Bible College student

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