Videos for Ministry, Church and Society

Viewing guides for videos used in the Ministry, Church and Society course at Southern Nazarene University. They are listed here in the order they are used in the class.

  1. Becoming a Contagious Christian SNU library call number: AV BV 3790 .M57
       First 10 minutes of film has Bill Hybels' reflections on how the "lost" parables of Luke 15 show God's heart
  2. Worldview Boutique SNU library call number: BV 3755 .W6
       Reflections on diversity, pluralism, relativism, and the meaning of Christ's words "I am the Way, I am the Truth." [ viewing guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ]
  3. Get Acrobat ReaderThe World God Loves SNU library call number: BV2061 .W67
       8 short vignettes of people and religions [ viewing guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ]
  4. The God Next Door A look a how Muslims and Christians misunderstand each other and why Christians are reluctant to reach out to Muslims. The video explores what Christians can do to befriend their Muslim neighbors.
  5. The phone's for you SNU library call number: BV625.25 .P5
       A unique church planting project using the telephone. Don't, however, focus on the telemarketing aspect. Reflect on the dynamics that created this community of faith. [ viewing guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ]
  6. Common Table: Faith of Islam SNU library call number: AV BP 170.3 .F3
       A round-table discussion attempts to provide an accurate view of Muslims, a religious group that is sometimes misrepresented by the mass media. It includes footage of pilgrimages to Mecca and the ritual of "stoning the devil." A Muslim religious leader explains the basic tenets of Islam while a Roman Catholic Maryknoll missionary who lived and worked among Muslims, comments on the Islamic faith. [ viewing guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ]
  7. The World of Unreached Peoples: The World of Islam" SNU library call number: BV 2625 .W67 1996
       This 10-minute video produced by Youth With a Mission looks at the world's second largest religion, Islam. It describes how to pray for Muslims. [ viewing guide ]
  8. Welcome to the Church of the Nazarene
       Though designed for prospective members, this video helps us see why people choose a church.
  9. newMulticultural strategy reports SNU library call number: BV2595 .C6 N31
       A look at how the church in the U.S. is reaching groups like Native Americans, Haitians, Japanese and the Hearing Impaired [ viewing guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ]
  10. The sun never sets in the morning
       Life story of Rev. Phineas F. Bresee [ viewing guide ]
  11. Ee-taow SNU library call number: BV3680 .N5 E37
       See the impact which hearing the Gospel makes on an entire community [ viewing guide ]
  12. Finding God's will SNU library call number: BJ1188.L5
       Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family speaks on life's priorities and doing God's will [ viewing guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format ]
  13. Living in the community SNU library call number: BV 4501.2 .I2 v.4
       Social activist Tony Campolo speaks about ministry in a message that is part of a series titled "I have decided to live like a believer"

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