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Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool
This online tool consists of a set of 110 questions. The responses to the questions are used to evaluate your gifts in the 22 categories taken from Bible passages.
Christian Assessment Center
Two assessment tools from Regent University to help you measure levels of Christian virtue (based on Galatians 5 and Colossians 3) and your God-given gifts (based on Romans 12).
Cone of learning
Edgar Dale's research on how much we retain from various learning experiences after two weeks have gone by
Resources related to the "society" part of the course
All about cohabiting before marriage [ read article ]
Christian Worldview Boutique
Witnessing, personal evangelism
Resources related to the sharing-your-faith component of the "ministry" part of the course
The Gray Matrix | PDF
The Gray Matrix builds on the Engel Scale. Developed by Frank Gray of FEBC, the Gray Matrix helps us visualize where individuals stand spiritually. It therefore points out the need for different strategies needed to reach them. It also helps us to understand and validate different types of evangelism.
Internet Evangelism Day
Writing your testimony
Guidelines for writing your testimony
Links to web sites with help on writing your testimony
The Four Spiritual Laws
An effective personal witnessing gospel presentation from Campus Crusade for Christ [ click here ]
Why pastors avoid witnessing
An article by Dr. Lyle Pointer, former SNU professor and now a teacher at Nazarene Theological Seminary
Do's and Don'ts of witnessing
Resources related to the "church" part of the course
newly addedBody Life -- an e-book by Ray Stedman
A book on how the church is to function as the Body of Christ
How to choose a healthy church
"Myths we tell ourselves"
Breaking consumerism's destructive hold
At the end of the article the author suggests that keeping the Sabbath and tithing are two good strategies for avoiding the pitfalls of consumerism
Conflict management and resolution
Managing public disputes
Written for Conservation District groups, but applicable to the church as well
Conflict management in groups
Links to all kinds of resources

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