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Understanding Hindu traditions

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After you view the film, turn in written responses to the questions.

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  1. The indigenous people of the Indian subcontinent are known as:
    1. Indo-Aryans
    2. Moghuls
    3. Semites
    4. Dravidians
  2. The _____________________ are the books of knowledge that represent the basis for Hinduism.
  3. ___________________ is the creator of the universe in Hindu thought.

    Match the terms with their definitions:

  4. _______Artha
  5. _______Kama
  6. _______Dharma
  7. _______Moksha
    1. righteous behavior, including the observance of religious and social laws
    2. the pursuit of economic and political rewards
    3. reunification with the world spirit
    4. the pursuit of love, including pleasure and the bodily appetites
  8. A persons' caste is determined by one's conduct in a previous life. This is called ______________________.
  9. The Indian religious teacher-is known as a ___________________________
  10. The deity who represents the principle of preservation is:
    1. Brahma
    2. Ganesa.
    3. Vishnu
    4. Shiva
  11. ____________________________ is sometimes portrayed as Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance.
  12. The "black mother" manifestation of the goddess Parvati who destroys her husband is:
    1. Druga
    2. Saraswati
    3. Radha
    4. Kali
  13. Ganesa, the patron of literature, bestower and bringer of good fortune, is remarkable because he has the head of a(n) _____________________________.
  14. The sacred river of the Hindus is the:
    1. Indus
    2. Ganges
    3. Brahmaputra
    4. Narmada
  15. The stone steps that lead down to the sacred river are known as:
    1. ghats:
    2. avatars
    3. pujas
    4. varnas
  16. The various incarnations of Vishnu are called:
    1. gnats
    2. avatars
    3. pujas
    4. vamas
  17. The monkey king who helped Rama rescue his kidnapped wife was:
    1. Ravana
    2. Varaba
    3. Avatara
    4. Hanuman
  18. Krishna is famous for his love of:
    1. Druga
    2. Saraswati
    3. Radha
    4. Kali
  19. The religious reverence for all life is called _______________________________.
  20. Prince Siddhartha is the founder of:
    1. Jainism
    2. Hinduism
    3. Taoism
    4. Buddhism

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