MISS/SOC 1231: Mexican Field Studies

This college-level course is aimed at qualified high school seniors. It builds on involvement in an SNU-organized Work and Witness trip to Mexico to provide a supervised cross-cultural educational experience. To sign up for the course, contact SNU admissions office.

Objectives / Goals

  1. To provide an opportunity to bring together missiological knowledge acquired in earlier studies, and to apply this knowledge in an actual cross-cultural situation.
  2. Expose students to actual field research, working with phenomena that are best observed within the context of their environment.
  3. To have students gain practical hands-on cross-cultural missions experience.
  4. To provide seminar type opportunities for discussion of the field problems of other students in the class as well as career missionaries
  5. To have students express themselves clearly, logically, and concisely both orally and in writing.

Requirements for 1 Hour Credit

The Commission Unto Mexico trip over the New Year's holiday is the heart of this course. Here are some additional activities aimed at helping your reflective/integrative processes.
  1. Read the August 1996 issue of National Geographic (available in almost any library). The issue is all on Mexico. Write a minimum two-page report (summary/reaction) on your reading. [ sample of student paper ]
  2. While in Mexico, keep a daily impressions journal. This is not to be a simple diary, but an introspective review.
    • Write down each day what you saw or experienced that confirmed or deviated from reading you did before the trip. Your observations should note what you learned each day in cross-cultural living, including what you learned about yourself. There should be some notes about cultural contrasts.
    • This journal, in final form, should be turned in within 3 weeks after the trip along with a 2-3 page post-trip reflection paper. In this brief paper, to reflect back on your reading before you went to Mexico and what you actually experienced. [ see sample paper ]
    • Students seeking sociology credit should highlight in their journal insights relevant to that field. The journals of students seeking missions credit should highlight insights about religious experience in the Mexican context.

Are you a college student?

Click hereThis one-hour course is designed specifically for high school seniors. If you are currently in college, you can earn two to three hours credit during Commission Unto Mexico. [ read more ]

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