Commission Unto Mexico crossword puzzle

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3   What does Jamie Baldwin say is important not to forget (Pre-trip/Advice)
7   Who can go on Commission Unto Mexico?
10   Everyone must be at El Paso First Church by at least what time on December 27?
11   One of three key words for Commission Unto Mexico
13   Nazarene missionaries in charge of Work and Witness in Mexico
14   What did Tammy Thompson say to take? (Pre-trip/Advice)
15   Participants under 18 must have this done with their parental permission slips
16   Game that, according to Laura Sylvester, is fun in both Spanish and English (What to bring)
17   The last name of the Nazarene District Superintendent in the state of Chihuahua
18   What is one creative evangelistic tool being used in Mexico? (Pre-trip/History)
1   In addition to a photo ID, what must everyone also bring (unless they are carrying a passport)?
2   Everyone should find 75 people who will support them with what? (Fund Raising)
4   Daily breakfast time at the hotel (On the field)
5   What is often mixed on the ground with shovels (Construction)
6   Name of one of the ministry sites (Ministry in Mexico/Sites)
8   What city has Commission Unto Mexico gone to the most (History)
9   One of the things that is forbidden (Travel info - What to bring)
12   What immunization shot should everyone have had in the last ten years? (Health and Safety)

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