Compassionate Ministries contacts in OKC

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." -- Matthew 5:7

     "'Christianity,' said John Wesley, is essentially a social religion . . . To turn it into a solitary one is indeed to destroy it.'. . .
     "(Wesley's revival movement) pioneered the way for many social changes. The relief of the poor, the prison visitation, the care of the aged and sick, the education of the illiterate, all pointed the way to what could be done. Wesley even ran a medical service for the sick and a loan system for needy Methodists!"
      -- T. Crichton Mitchell in Meet Mr. Wesley

Compassionate connections in Oklahoma City

  • Richard Schneberger, Reaching Our City 405-440-9994
  • Dennis Bergstrom, Men's Prison Ministry 405-990-3886 (cell phone)
  • Ruth Boyd, Women's Prison Ministry 405-721-1219
  • Mary Brock, Whiz Kids tutoring 405-640-5483
  • Tom Jones, City Rescue Mission, 405-232-2709
  • Ann Felton, Habitat for Humanity, 405-524-7151
  • Stan Ingler, Life House, 405-236-5433
  • Eva May Harper, Meals on Wheels, 405-789-1305
  • Peggy Hibbert, Quail Creek Nursing Home, 405-720-0010
  • Loren Marsee, The Children's Center, 405-789-6711
  • Judy Mills, Angel Tree/Angel Care, 405-720-9111
  • Wayne Pittard, Nursing Home and Shut-In Ministries 789-2050
  • Michelle Van Rysselberge, The Children's Center, 405-789-6711
  • Helen Silvey, Birth Choice, 495-6919
  • Marilyn Stark, Love Link Ministries 405-234-5547

"These hands"

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