Sample answers: BibLit Bible Reading assignments

Each of the 14 Bible Reading assignments in Southern Nazarene University's Introduction to Biblical Literature class have three or four discussion/reflection questions. From that list you must choose one question to which you must write a response.

Here are two sample responses to discussion/reflection questions. These are not necessarily the "best" answers received; these are samples of those receiving full credit because they met expectations. [ grading info ]

From an Old Testament Bible Reading assignment sheet

Question response

"What was God trying to tell Elijah in I Kings 19? Do you think it was easy for Elijah to understand God's message?"

God was telling Elijah that his time was almost over. In preparation for his own death there are two people he needs to anoint to become leaders (or the next Elijahs): Jehu as king over Israel and Elisha as a prophet. So, Elijah did what he was told.

The passage clearly states that God does not always speak through big gusts of wind or earthquakes or fire. Sometimes, He speaks in quiet ways, in "gentle whispers." Elijah definitely seems to have heard and understood God's message to him. The prophet's response in verse 14 -- "I have been very zealous for the Lord" -- shows that Elijah did, in fact, understand God and what He was saying to him.

-- from a paper by Victor Broberg

From a New Testament Bible Reading sheet

Question response

"What does Paul mean in Colossians 3:2? Is this an easy thing to do? What might help a person do this?"

In Colossians 3:2, Paul advises Christians to "set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." In this statement Paul means striving to put heaven's priorities as a daily guide, concentrating on the eternal rather than the temporal. We need to look at life from God's perspective, seeking what He desires. When we adopt the proper perspective on material goods, we will have found the solution to materialism.

The more we regard the world around us as God does, the more we will live in harmony with Him. We must not be too attached to what is temporary. Certainly, it's not always easy to properly respond to Paul's call. To make it happen, we need to attempt to work toward "imaging" Christ. The more Christ-like we become, the easier it will be to live like Him and to focus on those things that He does (those things that are heavenly, not those that are earthly).

-- from a paper by Tim Henry

How will those Bible Reading assignments be graded?

On what basis will your 14 Bible Reading assignments be graded?[ read more ]

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