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"For in Him we live and move and have our being"

(Acts 17:28, Amplified Bible).

The purpose of Innovation & Empowerment is:

  • to encourage research among our learners and scholars, our faculty, alumni and friends of SNU- Tulsa

  • to promote innovative research; improve and encourage new perspectives, empowered living, and innovative methods

  • Founding Editors:
    E. Diane Wiseman, MS, LPC
    Anne A. Ghost Bear, EdD
    Linda A. Miner, PhD

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    Volume 5, Issues 1, October, 2013

    Factors That Influence a Woman’s Decision to Ride Motorcycles, Christy Bunch

    Industry Representatives’ Indluence in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Brian J. Smith

    The Effectiveness of the Safe Work Practices Safety Program, David Eidson

    Volume 4, Issues 1, July, 2012

    Lifelong Learning: Adult Perceptions of Learning a Musical Instrument, Elizabeth Ann Scott

    Zoning for Church Owned Real Estate: A Comparison of Donated and Purchased Properties, J. R. Petrie

    Volume 3, Issues 1, June, 2011 and Issue 2, December, 2011

    Issue 1

    Operating a Successful Restaurant, John P. Harrison

    E-Waste Recycling, Randy Shelton

    Issue 2 - Professional Article:

    Promoting Student Success: Evaluation of a Freshman Orientation Course, Mary A. Millikin, PhD

    Volume 2, Issue 1, June, 2010

    Determining the Preferred Learning Styles of Students at the Owasso Seventh Grade Center, Michael Shelton

    Process of Displaced Workers: A Study Investigating the Process of Workers, Laid-off to Re-employment, Rebecca S. Ellison

    Need for Ministry to Ministers, Donald D. Snider, II

    OSHA Compliance: An Original Ethical Case Study (Master's Level), Jerry Johnson, MBA

    Volume 1, Issue 1, July, 2009

    Emotional Intelligence and Team Dynamics, Sally Mondragon

    Benefits of Exercise in the Workplace, Ryan Henderson

    The Effects of Background Music on Learning in Adult Training Classes, Tim Jones

    Methods Used by Different Churches to Manage Their Benevolent Ministries, Beverly Turman

    Life Review Project (FSG), Kimberly J. Roach

    Attitudes Toward Emergency Response Team, Tami Exendine

    Volume 6, Issue 1, August, 2014

    Undergraduate Articles In This Issue:

    First Procedure Start Times in the Catheterization Lab: A Before and After Study

    Ashley Wright, BS (OL, T 80)
    Southern Nazarene University,
    Tulsa, OK

    Perceptions of School Safety among Students in a Rural Oklahoma School

    Steven R. Walker, BS (OL, T 78)
    Southern Nazarene University,
    Tulsa, OK

    Note to the reader: Within this journal, the undergraduate learners were not required to control their designs nor were they required to obtain unbiased samples. Thus, the findings should be regarded as suggestive, regardless of the p values.

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