Information required at the border for your visa as a “Turista o Transmigrante”

Spanish on form - English translation of what you need to write

Nombre – first name (and middle) as is appears exactly on passport or birth certificate

Apellido - Write your last name exactly as it appears on passport or birth certificate

Lugar de Nacimiento - Your place of birth

Nacionalidad Actual - Your current nationality

Fecha de Nacimiento (dia/mes/ano)  Birthdate day/month/year

Sexo - Sex

Mark either male or female

Estado Civil - Civil Status

__Soltero (Single)

__Casado (Married)

Domicilio Permanente en el extranjero - Your address in US

Calle y Numero - Write your street and number

Pais - USA

Estado - State

Ciudad - City

Destination Principal En Mexico - Write "Iglesia del Nazareno"

Calle y Numero - leave blank

Domicillo o Nombre del Hotel - Write "Tierra Blanca"

Estado - write "Chihuahua"

Ciudad - Put either Chihuahua

Numero de Pasaporte - Passport Number (this can also be the birth certificate number if it has one)

Vigencia - dia/mes/año (Expiration Date) - day/month/year

Pais de Expedicion - Country where passport or birth certificate was issued

Profesion o ocupacion - Profession or occupation (can be student)

Medio de Transporte - Write "Autobus"

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